Month: December 2019

Loan for repayment of other loans

I can get a loan to pay off several other loans, which would make my situation much easier, but I need a person who would sign a declaration that I will be able to repay this installment. It is not even eating or taking credit. This person will get a statement that he does not Read More

Sales with a neck mortgage loan

Among the many questions on the part of borrowers, the question of selling a mortgaged flat often arises. Is it possible at all? How should such a transaction be carried out?   The sale of an apartment with a mortgage is not uncommon This requires going through additional procedures, but if you are aware of Read More

Mortgage loan margin – what is it and how much is it?

In many cases of Polish families, and earlier of the marriages themselves, the mortgage is becoming more and more crowded with the form of raising cash for building a house or buying a plot. We apply for a mortgage not only in the case of buying our own home but also plans to buy real Read More