Month: September 2019

Car financing reviews and debt consolidation

Renovation loan 30000 USD for financing car reviews Loans for pensioners – installment calculation Auto financing when it pays – Bankate financing without payroll Loan bank rate or online financing Loans government agency to public employees or loans x pensioners First home renovation loan or financing for young freelancers Estimated loan for mountain paschi di Read More

Rules for taking loans

Loans are the most popular way of financing when we have a budget problem. One of their main advantages is quick access to cash, which is often the reason for hasty choice of offer. Difficulties with repayment of obligations often result from an ill-considered decision. That is why we have prepared rules that will help Read More

Have you repaid the loan earlier? A refund is due!

The Financial Ombudsman issued the first significant views regarding the reimbursement of part of the costs incurred by the client in the event of early repayment of the loan. He decided to support those who fight in court for their rights. As a result, they are already achieving their first successes, and some entities changed Read More